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Reaktor48 is a driving force for innovation and a rich source of expertise in 2D, 3D and animated digital imagery.

Architectural Visualisation

Computer Generated Images (CGIs) for use in planning and marketing. Our vast experience in this area means we know how to infuse a rich visual landscape with just enough space and freedom to inspire viewers to picture themselves in the scene.
  • Still computer generated images
  • Concept design imagery
  • Marketing images

  • Accurate Visual Representation (AVR)
  • Photomontages

  • Product Visualisation
  • Sun impact studies

Visualisation Film Production

We provide comprehensive support from concept to delivery for CG production to a wide variety of industries.
  • Architectural CGI Movies
  • Walkthroughs
  • Flythroughs
  • Product Schematic Animations


Innovation is an essential ingredient
of our success.
Through research and development, we uncover wide ranging insights. Taking the random and the relevant, we prototype engaging concepts that challenge our thinking, inspire our clients and drive innovation.
  • Research
  • 3D interactive apps
  • 3D Scanning services
  • Backwards engineering studies

Our work

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